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3 Exciting Ways to Make Fruity Cocktail Recipes


Fruity Cocktails

A lot of Cocktail Recipes owe their flavor, aroma and consistency to fruits. Fruits make it possible for cocktail fans to have a wider range of tastes. Bartenders use fruits in so many ways to make great mixes. As a matter of fact, you may even find yourself lost in trying to pick which cocktail to have when faced with a list of fruity cocktail recipes. Certainly, there are so many ways to use fruits for Cocktails and have awesome fruity Cocktail Recipes.

Now, if you want to try out some of these recipes, you first need a handful of ideas on the ways you can use fruits in and on Cocktails.


Fruity Cocktail Recipes from Fruit-Flavored Alcoholic Spirits


Adding more kick to a cocktail is one thing. However, adding more flavor to your traditional cocktail means more of the experience! Basically, it is quite easy to get your hands on flavored spirits but know that you can make great fruity Cocktail Recipes that suit your taste when you concoct flavored-spirits yourself. Rum and vodka are the most usual spirits that are used to create flavored beverages. It is quite easy to prepare your flavored rum or flavored vodka. Simply add the fruit of your choice on the bottle. Let the concoction sit in a dark cool place for a month.  Then after such time you can now have your fruit-flavored spirit.


Fruity Cocktail Recipes using Fruit Puree


Purees are bland sweetened fruits that are added on Cocktails to give it a more fruity taste, aroma and consistency. Aside from doing these, purees are also added to drinks to neutralize their alcoholic attributes without actually cancelling them off. To prepare a purée of the fruit of your choice, all you need to do is skin the fruit and remove the seeds. Slice the fruit in manageable pieces or just blend them right off.  Add syrup to taste. There you have your purée for your fruity cocktail recipes!


Fruity Cocktail Recipes with Fruit Garnishes


How can we forget the adorable red cherry that swims near the brim of a cocktail glass? Of course, you can have fruity cocktail recipes by using fresh fruits as garnishes. A fruit garnish does not only give you a better way of presenting your cocktail but they also add a twist to the drink itself.

Indeed, fruits can add a valuable extra to Cocktails. However, due to the fact that there is always an associated time pressure when it comes to making Cocktails, most bars tend to use canned fruits instead of fresh ones. But of course, if you can afford to get fresh fruits for your fruity cocktail recipes, then go for it. Go for it for the freedom from additives and other artificial stuff. Best of all, go for fresh fruits for fresh fruits for the taste!

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