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Creating Cocktail Recipes with Vodka

Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Great Vodka Cocktails¬†owe their soul to this highly versatile liquor. Vodka’s character of being barely there surprisingly gives just about every other ingredient in the mix its life. One of the best things you can do with vodka is to combine it with your favorite flavors. For instance, you can combine your favorite vodka with fruit ingredients, spices or just about anything you want your drinks to have.
Vodka apparently had been around since the 9th century. However, did not gain popularity in the western countries until the 20th century. With its unique taste-elevating property, it is very good to know that you can easily create a wide variety of Cocktail Recipes with vodka. As a matter of fact, there is one in every four cocktail drinks that has vodka as its main ingredient. These vodka recipes can be ready by simply stirring the mix, or these Cocktails can be prepared by using a shaker.


Once you are after cocktail recipes with vodka, you can expect to be playful and yet have a great drink. However, you should consider that vodka comes in a variety of classes. This applies even to traditional vodka. You can certainly sense the difference between a mixes you get with vodka that costs below 10 dollars from one you made using a premium brand of vodka. Then again, as vodka has its magic when it comes to enhancing the taste of a cocktail, you can settle for a fair class of the liquor and not splurge while getting a great mix.

A good tip in buying the liquor to prepare Cocktail Recipes with vodka is to choose from the bottles in the middle part of the shelves. Those found in the bottom shelves are the cheap ones so you can expect least satisfaction from mixes you get with those bottles.

You can create your own vodka flavors. Again, this is thanks to the versatility of the liquor with other flavors and ingredients. You can pick your favorite fruit, spice or herbs to create flavored vodka that you can use for Cocktail Recipes with vodka. The procedure is easy but you may need to play the waiting game.

All you need to do is add the ingredient/s into the vodka and let the mixture sit in a cool place for a month. If you are patient enough and will be willing to extend the waiting game, you will surely win and have better flavored vodka for your prize. Flavor-infused vodka that sits longer than a month is better when it comes to taste and aroma.

Finally, one thing that you should remember when making Cocktail Recipes with vodka is to serve the drink in glasses that has the same temperature to the drink you are serving. If you are preparing a cold drink, be sure that your glass is chilled. When making warm drinks, you can raise the glass’ temperature to prepare it for the drink by pouring warm water on it.

Making Cocktail Recipes with vodka is surely a fun thing to do. This is especially that you can play with ingredients in the bar and still know that with vodka, one nice drink is on its way.

Creating Vodka Cocktail Recipes